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  2. Instructions


There are two things for you to do at this stage:

1. Watch the video to get an idea of what to expect in the modules ahead, and

2. Complete a brief questionnaire.


1. Drip Content: Henceforth, each module will be given to you on every Mondays and Fridays before 1159am (GMT+8).

2. At Your Own Pace: This is not your typical live webinar where you have to log on at specific time. Instead, on Mondays and Fridays, I encourage you to go through the materials on these two days. Block out 10-15mins for this. And not to worry, you will be notified by email when we have "dripped" the new content. You can also go back and view the previous modules at your own time.

3. Second Launch: I will be listening very closely to your comments and suggestions, as I iterate and recalibrate the following modules to suit you best.

Given that there are more than 40 modules, this course will take you on approx 5-month learning journey. I know, it sounds like a long time to be stuck on a boat. I assure you, you are the captain of your ship. It's designed not to overwhelm, but to compliment your busy schedule.

Why drip the content instead of give it all to you at once?

Good ideas are best sustained and applied in real-time.

If all the ideas are presented to you all at once, it's likely to cause overwhelm.

An aside: In the 1960's, an enterprising firm called Netafim, driven purely by a constraint of water, discovered that drip irrigation, instead of sprinkler irrigation, allowed farmers in Southern Israel to use 50% less water, while at the same time driving 20% growth of their yield in peaches, pears and apricots! Netafim is now an $800 million company, simply by adopting the constraint of drip irrigation.

#2 Instructions Transcript(RCS).pdf

Brief Questionnaire for Personalisation:

Please take a moment to complete this survey. It's optional, but it would really help to tailor this course to your learning needs.

This will take approximately 5-7mins max.

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I do encourage you to download this Roadmap (see below). Print it out, and put it in front of your desk for the duration of this course. This provides you some guidance of what's ahead and what to expect in each module.

(Note: The Curriculum that you see on the left sidebar will only show what's been completed—as there is a limitation of this platform that I'm not able to show you the outline if I haven't yet "dripped" that particular module).

Roadmap to Reigniting Clinical Supervision_v3.pdf