8.2 The Use of Measures (Part II)


How to pick a meaningful measure.

8.2 Use of Measures (RCS).pdf

Highlights from this Session:

1. “Our great struggle in medicine these days is not just with ignorance and uncertainty, It's also with complexity: how much you have to make sure you have in your head and think about. There are a thousand ways things can go wrong.” - Atul Gawande.

2. Differences between an ineffective and effective checklists.

3. Do not value what you measure; measure what you value.

Further Resources:


1. Atul Gawande's ted talk on Get a Coach.

2. Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (His two other books, Better and most recently, Being Mortal, are great reads as well)

YOUR TURN: What's your reaction when you hear the word "CHECKLIST" or "measurement"?

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