26. Deliberate Practice (4 Parts)


To explicate the four pillars of a deliberate practice framework for learning in psychotherapy

26. Deliberate Practice (4 parts).pdf

Highlights from this Session:

  1. The four pillars of deliberate practice (a coach, individualised learning objectives, feedback, and successive refinement).
  2. Performance feedback vs learning feedback.
  3. Deliberate practice is not clinical practice.
  4. Do the verb, and not just be the noun.

Further Readings:


  1. K Ander Ericsson and Robert Pool's book, Peak. (Personally, it doesn't read as well as the ideas deserve, but it's a really good overview on the topic of deliberate practice in a variety of domains).
  2. If you want to geek out further, The edited book, Expertise and Expert Performance has a new 2nd edition. I haven't read the 2nd edition, but the first was a tome.
  3. Two blogpost I've written directly address the topic of deliberate practice:

a. What Does Deliberate Practice Look Like?

b. 10 Things to Avoid in DP.

c. Clinical Practice vs. Deliberate Practice

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