3. Why Structure a Session? Can't We Just Go With the Flow?


  1. STRUCTURE = 1. Where Are You + 2. Where Are You Going + 3. Why

  2. Structure --> Impact --> Engagement --> Client Outcome

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From Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development, Why Structure Your Sessions?

P/S: These are the building blocks to increase the odds of reaching our clients. 
The music historian (and quite frankly, a futurist), Ted Gioia once said that while most of us are evaluated based on our outputs, no one is going to take care of our inputs. School tells you what to learn, but in life, you need to figure out not only what to learn, but what has an influence on those LEGO blocks. 
This is why it is crucial to personalise your learnings in a sustainable way. You may be interested to check out the other highly in-depth course, Deep Learner, which is built to fuel our professional and personal development.

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