1.4. Create Play

Main Theme:

Play, is serious business in becoming a deep learner.

Highlights From This Module:

  1. Create space and time for play.
  2. Examine your play history (An aside: I've also found this a useful question to ask my clients in therapy)

Further Resources: 

1. Stuart Brown’s book on Play is a seminal book on this important topic. (Note: The beginning reflection piece is an excerpt from the book). See also Brown’s 2008 TED talk:

2. Here’s a series of articles that I wrote for my other blogsite, Full Circles:

What is the Opposite of Play? (It’s not work)

Here’s One Mental Model to Change Your Life: Press Play

The Movement of Recovery: Love, Work, & Play

The Playful Present

3. Charlie Hoehn’s book, Play It Away gives a refreshing antidote on how play can help your anxiety. Personally, beyond the instrumental value of play, play in and of itself, has value as well. (go to Charlie Hoehn's website to get a free ecopy of the book!)


What is your play history? What did this module evoke in you?

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