12. Three Types of Knowledge



3 types of knowledge to acquire:

  1. Content Knowledge
  2. Process Knowledge
  3. Conditional Knowledge

Further Readings (optional):

  • Brian Miller’s book, Three New People. 
  • See also Brian Miller's TEDX talk How to magically connect with anyone by Brian Miller
  • A series of related articles on Reimagining Education in Psychotherapy (REP)
  • Chow, D., Lu, S., Miller, S. D., Kwek, T., Jones, A., & Tan, G. (2019). Improving therapists' ability through deliberate practice: The difficult conversations in therapy (DCT) randomized clinical trial. Manuscript in preparation. See Chapter 13 of the Better Results book for details on this study.
  • Transfer of learning is the lifeblood education at large. Transfer of learning simple means when you learn something in one context, like in a classroom, and whether you are able to apply it to another context, say in real life. Author of Transfer of Learning, psychologist Robert Haskell says that research findings over the last 9 decades clearly show that individuals and academia have failed to achieve tranfer of learning on any significant level. Transfer of learning has been duped the “Holy Grail” of education. Although transfer of learning is universally recognied as fundamental to all learning, paradoxically the current evidence suggest that it seldom happens in instructional settings. Perhaps the lack of transfer of learning in psychotherapy education is a lack of directedness i.e., an emphasis in process and conditional knowledge.

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